Founder Podcast – From e-commerce wunderkind to successful investor

It’s been some time since the last podcast so when Dries Faems asked (for the I guess 10th) time we went and created a very entertaining conversation with a few never-before shared nuggets.

-> On our very first fundraise with countless rejections, sleeping in the office and how an unpaid internship helped me to raise the first $1m for Casacanda (now And how the exit after 100 days really came along.

-> On re-investing almost all of my proceeds as a Founding Investor into AMORELIE – and the multiple near-death experiences along the way with the happy ending of Pro7Sat1 buying the business after 2 years.

-> On the incredible rollercoaster journey with Lesara and the small things that can make a huge difference between big success and big failure.
aka how EU data privacy laws prevented the closing of a deal with SHEIN

-> How I ended up investing into now-unicorns EnpalBending Spoons or Animoca Brands by “accident”

-> And to the present moment where we build & invest with Rapid Pioneers Group into the 21st century digital versions of LVMG & Unilever – with houses of DNV brands such as Yepoda, Les Maisons Consumer Group (KERBHOLZ & happyglam), everdropWild or BRANDHOUSE BERLIN

Keep Building.


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